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Stories of Silence was fed to many public TV stations through the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) on November 22, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Encourage your local PBS station to carry it!

Thanks to all who watched the documentary on KCTS Television, and came to the discussion at Shepherd's Counseling Services in Seattle, as well as moderator Warren Etheredge of The Warren Report. Thanks also to those who listened to the interview on KUOW. It's archived here at their site. I'm now beginning a marketing campaign to PBS affiliate stations and film festivals. If you have any ideas on venues I shouldn't miss, be sure to contact me. Thanks!

Stories of Silence presents a new way to understand the reality of sexual abuse in our culture. Now we know that it is real and pervasive, but we have yet to understand how it has changed our relationships with each other and how we can reclaim our emotional health. Stories of Silence is a bold and positive step in that direction. For many men, it gave them the space and courage to speak of their own abuse for the first time. For women whose boyfriends and husbands were abused, it gave them perspective and reassurance that healing can take place. One woman even said: "Now I finally understand men!" Especially now that so many have accepted the reality and the tragedy of thousands upon thousands of adults abused as children, Stories of Silence answers the vital question: Where do we go from here?


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