Before you decide to lend your support the Stories of Silence, let me take a few lines to thank the generous and courageous donors so far. Giving to a project like this is especially bold, since the mere mention of the subject frightens away so many. You'll also notice the names of some Stories of Silence interviewees among these patrons. In these cases, their donations came to me purely on their own initiative. This is a testament to how powerful is the act of speaking your truth.

  • Breneman Jaech Foundation
  • Midge & George Delavan
  • Pete & Leslie Magid Higgins
  • Mark Hill
  • Bob Balfour, Survivors West Yorkshire
  • Doug & Ann Williams
  • Dean & Karen Edstrom
  • Scott & Kara Trobec
  • Garrett Delavan
  • Dr. Bernard Ewigman
  • The Martin Family
  • Christina Koons
  • Harry Schneider & Gail Runnfeldt
  • Don Burleson & Diane McIntyre
  • Linda Hartzell & Mark Perry
  • Molly & Rick Reed
  • Tom Dittmar
  • John Benze
  • Gary & Andrea Wenet
  • Julie Mackoff
  • Gary Fallon & Leona DeRocco
  • Peter Miller & Jean Johnson
  • Mark & Christina Dawson
  • Stamatis Vokos & Dianna Previs

The next phase for Stories of Silence is twofold. First, I will promote it among practitioners, who can use it to reach out to men in need of a context to understand their rage. Second, I will pitch the piece to local public TV stations and enter it in film festivals around the country.

Compelled to donate? Your support will go a very long way. I have fiscal sponsorship for this project through a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This means that all donations made for this project are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Please e-mail me for more information.


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