Copies of Stories of Silence are nowavailable on DVD through the CreateSpace store. Click here to purchase.

The disc contains the hour-long version, as well as a detailed chapter menu. This allows you to use the documentary to highlight just the issue you want to discuss in a workshop or presentation. Do you have questions before you purchase? Contact us.

The level-headed but deeply honest look at what it takes to recover appeals to survivors and those who care about them, as well as mental health practitioners seeking ways to reach out to struggling men. Unafraid of stating the bald truth of what happened when we were kids and what it stirred in us, the film can credibly and boldly trumpet what one survivor and counselor calls “the primary joys of recovery.”

Never mind the engaging stories pain and struggle written on the faces of these men. Forget about the careful analysis the documentary brings us. Strip away everything else, Stories of Silence leaves us with joy. How valuable is that joy in a culture where new exposés of institutionalized abuse seem a monthly event?


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