Greetings! Would you like to help get the word out about Stories of Silence? Please contact me, and I'll be happy to arrange any materials you need.

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You can also visit media about the documentary so far. Start with the article about me by Susan Paynter of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, just before I began major work on the documentary, as well as another piece from her on the same issue.

In early October 2007, the piece saw its local debut on KCTS Television. Here's an article about it in the Seattle Times. Later it saw a screening and panel discussion at Shepherd's Counseling Services in Seattle, moderated by Warren Etheredge of The Warren Report.

About a month after the broadcast, I did an interview on KUOW. It's archived here at their site.

The North Seattle Herald-Outlook also wrote a front-page story about the aftermath of making such a film in August of 2008.

What's next for Stories of Silence? I'll begin distributing DVD copies to therapists, social workers and other professionals who meet with abused men. I'll also offer it for broadcast in other American and foreign television markets. And finally, I'd like to podcast interviews and footage that I (painfully) had to cut out of the one-hour version.

More is coming soon, so we'll see you again!


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